NEW! Focusing Wrenches

Little-Focus-6-300x300-rounded-corners   LIttle-Focus-5-300x300-rounded-corners           LIttle-Focus-3-300x300-rounded-corners

Little Focus 6                            Little Focus 5                             Little Focus 3


You talked. We listened. The Little Focus 5 has been reengineered in direct response to your feedback and two new sizes –3″ and 6″–  were added to the collection. New features were added without sacrificing the contemporary aesthetics of the wrench.

  • NEW wing nut opening in the center
  • MOVE pan nut opening to the outside for better leverage
  • ADD opening for a lanyard

The Wrenches feature sheet provides additional information. (click here)

Fun Food Holiday – July 15

Today is considered to be National Tapioca Pudding Day along with Gummi Worm Day!!!

So grab your tapioca pudding and gummi worms and have yourself a sweet treat!


What is $5.99?



Don’t miss out on your chance to stock up on Apollo color filters. Each 20×20 sheet is $5.99. Contact your sales representative today and get those orders placed!

Collecting Ideas

We are collecting ideas for our 2015-2016 catalog. No drawings or images required. All we are asking is for you to email your ideas to describing your idea. Our team will work their magic. We are collecting ideas for metal, 2-color glass and ColourScenic glass gobos.


All ideas will need to be submitted no later than Tuesday, July 15th. We appreciate your participation and look forward to hearing from you!!

Congratulations Blue Pony!!!

We would like to congratulate our sister company Blue Pony on their 10 year anniversary.  Take a moment and read below how Blue Pony got to where they are today!

BP Primary_Color_RGB 450

Written by Nathan Grepke – Blue Pony – Creative Director

Just over 10 years ago I was a young newlywed, somewhat fresh out of college and looking for adventure. I had been working for a video production company in Milwaukee, WI and my wife and I were examining our goals for the future and hopes for a couple kiddos, a dog, and a front yard. We set our sights on heading back home to get closer to our families and to begin the next chapter in our lives.

I was in the midst of assembling a plan to start a business in Fort Wayne when my phone rang. Joel Nichols was on the line and had what he described “A Crazy Idea”. Caught a little off guard, but ended up craving the crazy idea anyway! Joel explained that he had an idea to start a digital media company as a sister company to his existing business, Apollo Design Technology. Joel invited me to come on board as the first employee of the company. My initial task was to figure out the business model – our focus on, what talent will we need, our pricing model, what computers and gear would we need, and more.

I thought, (you want me to relocate to Fort Wayne, collect a paycheck, figure out the best way to run the business, where all the risk and dollars needed, are not mine?) It seemed almost too good to be true. Freedom to help steer Blue Pony into a nice little successful digital media company was as close to the dream job as it could get for a 25 year old. What I didn’t know back then was how challenging yet how rewarding it would be.

First, the challenges. Well, to be perfectly honest the early days were awkward, our target audience changed a little day by day, and getting our name out there was no small task. We patiently pursued our first few opportunities that would give us a shot. Growth and progress were slow and expensive. At certain points along the way I started to wonder and worry whether the business would ever become self sufficient and successful. In fact, things were pretty rough as economic challenges in the marketplace as well as costly production changes with our sister company had me and so many others wondering if we needed to shut it down. I mean, it takes a seriously patient investor and entrepreneur to see past all the dollars spent and the negative opinions. I didn’t want to give up, and thank goodness neither did Joel and Keersten. They believed with unwavering confidence that we were forming a solid foundation for success and that it was just a matter of hanging on a bit longer. They were right!

With additions to team members and through trial and error and resourcefulness, our talents were finding their way into corporate America. We soon found ourselves being regarded as the premium solution for content in the Digital Signage industry and had opportunities to contribute custom content for concert tours like the Eagles, Sarah McLaughlan. Some of our content made it into the Alvin and The Chipmunks Movies, and The Percy Jackson Movie. From there each portfolio piece offered growth. We grew as a team learning how to take care of the customer and produce the work in a high quality manner. We grew with our customers, helping them succeed and leading us to more opportunities with them and their peers in the industries.

With any service based company it doesn’t take long to realize your success is entirely dependent on the people that make up the team. My favorite aspect of Blue Pony is the team. Bar none. We have assembled some of the best talent, and it is so wildly unique from person to person. It is so exciting for me to consider the design talent as each project opportunity is presented to me. And they are good people….FUN people, so that’s a bonus! Check them out here!

At the end of the day we might find each member gearing up for extremely different weekend adventures, but when we reassemble next Monday I can count on the team being ready to serve our valued client base. The 10 years have been a bit of a roller coaster, and as we round the half way point for 2014 we are poised and ready with creativity and capabilities. We look forward to having you sit with us on the next ride!


AVERE™ 4UV Under Water Testing

The AVERE™ 4UV is 365nm UV, weatherproof, fanless, high output, made in the U.S.A. fixture.

AVERE 4UV - Water - Lights Off - DSC_0893

The AVERE™ 4UV completely submerged under water with the room lights OFF.

AVERE 4UV - Water - Lights On - DSC_0874 (2)

The AVERE™ 4UV completely submerged under water with the room lights ON.



July Monthly Special

July - Web_400x300

Press Release – New Hire / Promotion

Apollo Design Technology, Inc. announces the appointment of Michael Kretschmer as their Mechanical Engineer. In this role, Kretschmer will help create efficient solutions to the development of processes and products. He will be involved at all stages of a product, from research and development to design and manufacture through to product release.

Prior to joining Apollo Design Technology, Kretschmer worked for BAE Systems as a Product Process Engineer and interned at the NASA Glenn Research Center. He served 6 years in the Indiana Air NationalM Kretschmer Photo v02 Guard as an Integrated Avionics Craftsman and separated at the rank of a Staff Sergeant. Kretschmer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. He studied religion and philosophy and taught physics, and math prior to pursuing his degree in mechanical engineering. “Michael rounds out our core engineering design team, and he fits well with his subtle sense of humor. His background and skill set will contribute in a significant way to Apollo Design’s ability to bring innovative products to market.” Mr. Nichols said.

“Working at Apollo Design is a Mechanical Engineers dream! I am able to employ the knowledge I gained in school and in my previous jobs plus use my creativity to help develop new and innovative products.” Kretschmer said.

Rita LeFavour has been promoted to Customer Relations Specialist, announced Apollo Design Technology, Inc.

In this role, LeFavour will serve as the liaison between sales, customer service, management and the customer to ensure the customer receives outstanding service. She will track, follow-up and resolve outstanding issues, analyze customer concerns and provide appropriate corrective actions, coordinate product returns and manage special requests.

R. LeFavourLeFavour has been employed at Apollo Design for over 15 years and has held various roles in sales and operations. She holds an Associate degree in Business from Ball State University.

Mr. Joel Nichols, president of Apollo Design Technology said, “Rita is an integral part of Apollo Design’s team. This role allows Rita to nourish her passion for customers by solving unconventional day-to-day issues. How we handle the out-of-the-ordinary is what customer service is all about. Customer Service is Rita’s strength.”

“Who remembers the classic line from Cool Hand Luke? “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate!” Communicating is one of the things I love about my new position. I get to communicate with both Apollo dealers who I have had the privilege to build relationships with through the years and Apollo co-workers who I enjoy immensely.” LeFavour said.


CLOSED – Independence Day


Apollo Design will be CLOSED on Friday, July 4th in observation of Independence Day. Reminder that UPS and FedEx are also closed in this observance. Have a happy and safe holiday!!!

Now presenting … Apollo Perma Penny

Check out the news release inOTH-PAP-100001-FIN-I

Church Production regarding

Apollo’s Perma Penny.


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