A friend and colleague KC Hooper passed away yesterday morning to cancer. KC is survived by his wife Jody and sons Kaulin, Kauner, Kaury. KC has always brought a gentle curiosity to our company and industry, willing to work on any project that needed done. He was someone we went to when looking at new products or what the industry was thinking. He touched and influenced so many around him with his supportive nature. His two loves were his family and our industry. He will be missed by so many.

Some Apollo employees have gathered their thoughts and compiled them below.

He was a friend before he was a co-worker.  KC you will surely be missed, but never forgotten.   I had the pleasure of knowing my friend Hoop for the past 12 years.  We met at an open house in Chicago and have been friends ever since.    I was blessed to have traveled with him several times over the years.   During those times KC introduced me to a lot of firsts:  Fry’s Electronics,  Cabela’s,  Five Guys & Fries, carpet less tradeshow booths, home-made dimmers,  Chicago blue light districts, and Charlie the Unicorn.   Those are just a few, the list could go on and on.    We all know how much KC talked about his love for hamburgers, but actually he talked about his family more.   He always had great stories of his wife and boys.    I know KC was loved by many.  He was such an easy person to be a friend with. He was a man of many electrical gadgets and big boy toys.   I am going to miss our weekly chats.   They would always start with “Hey Brett…it’s HOOP!!”  All my prayers and loving thoughts go out to the Hooper family and friends in this time of loss.

I miss you Hoop!!  That 6-pack I owe you from the Raiders loss to the Browns will have to wait until the day we meet again.  Love ya Hoop!

Your friend,


I remember meeting KC thinking he was the kindest person. He was always willing to help someone. “No” was never a word in his vocabulary. He kept this same attitude through his entire cancer battle.  I admired his upbeat attitude and fighting strength through it all.

KC’s patience with teaching products and concepts from our industry was invaluable. I learned so much from him over the years.  I truly enjoyed our many conversations about our children. He loved to talk about their soccer games and musical abilities. My heart goes out to Jody, Kaulin, Kauner, and Kaury. He will truly be missed and never forgotten.


I had the great pleasure of working with KC over the years, learning more about his kind nature than the craft of theater lighting. Gracious and humble with an infectious sense of humor, the room lit up and I felt more relaxed when KC entered. Conversation often turned to our families, with pride beaming in his eyes when Jody and the boys were discussed, enthusiastically detailing martial arts, soccer and daily life in the Hooper household.

When stressful situations arise I often find myself wondering how KC would react, and then I take a deep breath and sort things out. I think he had this effect on others as well. He couldn’t help it and likely didn’t even know it.

My life has been enriched with KC’s friendship and I am honored to consider him a mentor, friend and brother. God bless you KC and your wonderful family who brought you great joy and immense pride.

Keith Kankovsky

I was truly shocked and saddened to hear about my dear friend KC passing. KC was always someone I could talk to about a project or application.  He was a valuable asset to me and our team.  I have always had the highest regard for him. He cared about work, colleagues and most importantly his family.  He was the epitome of a refined gentleman and always treated everyone with utmost respect.

I know this is an enormous loss, and KC will not be forgotten.


I know the letters “K” and “C” meant a lot to him.  All 3 of his sons who he loved so much and loved to talk about share his initials.  To me, KC could stand for Kind and Caring.   He was not only a wonderful coworker…he was a wonderful friend…who I loved and respected.  I have many great memories in the 7 years that I have had the privilege of knowing him and traveling with him but hanging with him and Rich during our Big City Bashes rates right up there at the top.  We all shared quality time for which I will always be thankful.  We spoke a lot on the phone and I always looked forward to his Ft Wayne visit.  He was one of the easiest people to be around.  So positive and accommodating… regardless of his health issues.  His words: “It is what it is.”  His love for his family was so evident and he would light up when talking about them. His heart would swell with pride.   I have never met Jody or his sons but I always felt like I knew them quite well.  I will miss KC…his humor, his laughter, his warm personality, his love of life.  I thank God for placing him at Apollo and allowing me 7 years with my amazing, incredible friend.



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